Trailed Turboliner 2000 Lit. Sprayer
Three-pieces polyethylene (PE) tank, consisting of a main tank and two spare reservoirs, for washing the system and the hands
A centrifugal fan with a flexible duct, equipped with a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic jack for controlling the horizontal and vertical rotation, respectively
Two-speed gearbox, equipped with a central clutch to increase the performance of the equipment, as well as increase the fan and gearbox life
Nine two-phase nozzles
Anti-drip, environmentally friendly nozzles to prevent leakage of poison, when stopping the spraying system
Italian diaphragm pump
Hydraulic mixing system that is separate from a return flow pump

This equipment can plow the soil in place and crush its clods, by the rotation of vertical blades. Leveling the soil is done by a leveler unit, located after vertical blades. Leveler and cyclotiller work is completed with a roller unit, located behind cyclotiller blades; helping to level the soil, creating porosity and, finally, preparing a suitable soil planting medium for sowing the seeds is done by this unit. The cyclotillers manufactured by Delta-Dasht Co. are provided with a working widths of 2 and 2.5 meters, as the following

Use: Long throw sprayer with swinging air outlet fit for high stock trees
nursery and agricultural cultivations
Sprayer with cannon head and double fan
with throw till 60 m. fit for 80 Hp power tractors

Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller
( Rotavator )
DELTA DASHT offers a wide range of Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller (Rotavator) to customer to select the right product for their tillage need depended on the working length, Number of blade.

Chisel Plough Equipped With Roller
The Brand name DELTA DASHT chisels produced with 5 , 7 and 9 tines, and equipped with Roller. Breaking the soil surface which was formed by ploughing for a long time; processing the soil without tipping and airing the soil are the main functions of the Chisel type plough

400Lit. & 600Lit. Mounted Sprayer
Use: Mounted sprayer are recommended for spraying and disinfestation without air need. Options: Boom, lances, Hose and Hose Collector

Mobile Greenhouse Sprayer 130 Lit
Mobile Greenhouse Sprayer 130 Lit
Hose Collector
Polyethylene tank
In-tank mixer
Engine 7 HP

Mobile Sprayer Without Tank Model: DD-Z
Model: DD-Z
Equipped with Hose and instruments
Easy transformation
Equipped with Strainer and mixer

Chisel Plough Equipped with Rotary Tiller
Rotochisel is a combination of one thing and a rotiver connected to it. In some cases,the farmer not only needs to break down the hard layers of the bottom of the soil,but also requires the crushing of surface clay created onthe surface of the soil. In this case, (rutochezel) The specification of the three examples of delto-plax production of Rotochyzels is evident