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Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller ( Rotavator )

Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller

   ( Rotavator )


DELTA DASHT offers a wide range of Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller (Rotavator) to customer to select the right product for their tillage need depended on the working length, Number of blades
It is available in sizes from 24 blades to 54 blades with the effective working length of 110cm to 215cm
The Gearbox of Rotavator can be slide up to the Farmer need
All Rotavators are Gear drive
It’s specially designed blade rotor reduces load on tractor as well as diesel consumption and avoids tire slippage
Electrostatic painting of body
Strong and sturdy design made for hassle free performance and better durability
Blades with long lasting performance
In the following table the Features of Sliding-Gearbox Rotary Tiller can be seen